Thursday, February 14, 2008

dukedaze 2-14-08 late afternoon

1.Crab Nebula2.Andromeda Galaxy
3. Comet Hale Bopp

  1. The Shocking Blue, live performance of ''Venus'', 1970.
Afternoon has been way too frantic at Duke, with much to do with preparing the Payroll to turn in on Friday. Am planning to watch ''Lost" tonight after getting home from Starbucks where I
am writing just now. Chelsea Clinton has been sent to Hawaii to campaign for a share of the delegates, although the state is expected to go for Obama, who went to college at Occidental.
Have been reading more in Heidi Mattson's account of being a stripper at Brown. She needed
$14,000 in tuition in addition to what the college was offering to loan her. Her first job was
as a waitress which she combined with work at a printing place on campus.



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