Thursday, February 21, 2008

dukedaze 2-21-08 evening

                           Girolamo Savanorola

Niccolo Machiavelli

Last night watched some of UNC's game with NCSU which the Heels won by a comfy margin, Duke lost at UMiami by a single point, missed NBA games, also saw some of Britney Spears on
Nancy Grace and some of CNN which discussed the election prior to tonight's debate, most of the day I worked on my new fashionmodelblog which I made two entries to..the format will be models, spotlighted, links to modeling websites, YouTube videos, 
feminine ads, a pink color motif, and biosketches and gossip, was 
new manager at Starbucks, chatted with Kat, Cat, and Katie. Have begun 
reading in "The Portable Machiavelli" and continued Holly Mattson's bio, she
was given a lumpectomy and lost her suit to Brown U., Machiavelli was a contemporary of  the
Borgias, also took office in the chancery shortly after Girolamo Savonorola was burned at the
stake in Florence by supporters of Pope Alexander in 1498.

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