Wednesday, February 27, 2008

dukedaze 2-27-08 afternoon

Ann Harding, Actress
Actress Maggie Cheung
Wong Faye, Actress
On Tues. evening I learned that Roxsie has an acute blood disorder, her kidneys are failing and
her liver is bad. I was saddened greatly by the news. Today I gave her a new medicine to help with her liver problem. Her immunity is down to nearly 26 from 126, which is normal. Watched the
Clinton/Obama debate, did not go by Starbucks or B&N yesterday, it was raining, and I was very
tired. Slept from around 12 last night after reading in Plame's book and also newspapers. Today
I have added a bio and photos of Asia Pulco to my fashionmodelgossip blog and also written a brief article about the Polish model in Wikipedia. Previously I added a short biography of Daniela Urzi, the Argentine model. The past two days I have been reading an anthology of Ralph
Nader, a collection of pieces he has contributed to the Nation, various newspapers, a text of
what he wrote when he entered the 2000 presidential race as the Green Party candidate.

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