Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dukedaze 3-19-08 4:00 P.M.

Have established "Fashion Models Who Smoke" and "Barbie Doll Photoblog" in the last several days. Got more rest last night than
the several days before. Came home and slept until 10:30, then awakened and blogged until around 2:00 a,m. Have been reading
Aldous Huxley's "Island", a Utopian novel published in 1962. The protagonist, Will Farnavy, is a castaway on an island in the South
Pacific called Pala. Farnaby came there from London where he worked for a large company. The island is a paradise on which people discuss how much better off they have it than those in other areas of the world. The paradise is being threatened however by industrial interests searching for oil, etc. NY Times review says that the novel is wordy and the writer suggested a second reading of Huxley's "Chrome Yellow" instead. WSJ articles about Medicare fraud, expansion of Walgreens, etc., read at lunch. Chatted with Abby last night in St. Louis. Is 49, she works in the fast food industry. Is a Cardinals fan. Posted pics of Ana Beatriz
Barros on my Fashion Model Blog yesterday, returned and posted some links for readers. Have listed some more items for sale
on Ebay after a good weekend in which books on the Du Ponts, Dow Chemicals, and others have sold.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

dukedaze 3-11-08 morning

Yesterday I began to blog about Reon Kadena and other Japanese models, and introduced a blog
about Presidential stamps and Pregnant Pulchritude on Sunday. On the weekend Roxsie has been
making progress, I went with her to walk and collected stray limbs from all the wind and storms
we had in Cary on Thursday and Friday. Have been studying more regarding the stock market. Have almost resolved to invest in Microsoft. Google may be headed for another 100 point correction according to an article I read in Barrons on Sunday. Also Intel is a bit unstable because of their entry into the flash player market for cheap computers. Last night watched Eliot Spitzer
and wife meeting with the press, saw a color image of the man suspected in the Eve Carson murder, more coverage of the Auburn coed killing. I returned from Barnes & Noble last night about 8 p.m. Listened to a portion of the Cavs game on my return home from the bookstore. Read an article on Steve Jobs at B&N. The report was unflattering. He seems very much a tyrant
to those who have to work for him.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

dukedaze 3-6-08 morning

I have been encouraged by Roxsie's progress recently. I went to Petsmart and bought her a multivitamin with iron, B-12, A, etc.
Her energy level is much better and she has a good appetite. I have opened an account with Charles Schwab, mostly to check on
stocks, esp. Intel, Coca Cola, and businesses which deal with nations that do not do business with the dollar. I have looked at
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo also, Exxon, food chains, pharmaceuticals. Went to B&N last night, added some text and photos about
Cintia Dickers, Brazilian model, also wrote about Ana Colja, Diana Dondoe, Maud Molko, Have followed the democratic primaries
on Tues. evening with Hillary winning Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. Found Amparo Bonmati's MySpace site, sent her a friend request. Going to check out "Ockham and political discourse in the Middle Ages'' and "A Thomas Wolfe Reader" at Perkins Library.
During the morning I checked out a 2007 book about William of Ockham and his arguments with the 14th Century Papacy. Am
reading of Ockham's belief in people being ascetic, with few possessions, his excommunication by the pope in Avignon. He
continued writing until his death under the protection of Ludwig of Bavaria.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

dukedaze 2-28-08 early morning

dukedaze 2-27-08 afternoon

Ann Harding, Actress
Actress Maggie Cheung
Wong Faye, Actress
On Tues. evening I learned that Roxsie has an acute blood disorder, her kidneys are failing and
her liver is bad. I was saddened greatly by the news. Today I gave her a new medicine to help with her liver problem. Her immunity is down to nearly 26 from 126, which is normal. Watched the
Clinton/Obama debate, did not go by Starbucks or B&N yesterday, it was raining, and I was very
tired. Slept from around 12 last night after reading in Plame's book and also newspapers. Today
I have added a bio and photos of Asia Pulco to my fashionmodelgossip blog and also written a brief article about the Polish model in Wikipedia. Previously I added a short biography of Daniela Urzi, the Argentine model. The past two days I have been reading an anthology of Ralph
Nader, a collection of pieces he has contributed to the Nation, various newspapers, a text of
what he wrote when he entered the 2000 presidential race as the Green Party candidate.