Tuesday, March 11, 2008

dukedaze 3-11-08 morning

Yesterday I began to blog about Reon Kadena and other Japanese models, and introduced a blog
about Presidential stamps and Pregnant Pulchritude on Sunday. On the weekend Roxsie has been
making progress, I went with her to walk and collected stray limbs from all the wind and storms
we had in Cary on Thursday and Friday. Have been studying more regarding the stock market. Have almost resolved to invest in Microsoft. Google may be headed for another 100 point correction according to an article I read in Barrons on Sunday. Also Intel is a bit unstable because of their entry into the flash player market for cheap computers. Last night watched Eliot Spitzer
and wife meeting with the press, saw a color image of the man suspected in the Eve Carson murder, more coverage of the Auburn coed killing. I returned from Barnes & Noble last night about 8 p.m. Listened to a portion of the Cavs game on my return home from the bookstore. Read an article on Steve Jobs at B&N. The report was unflattering. He seems very much a tyrant
to those who have to work for him.

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