Wednesday, March 19, 2008

dukedaze 3-19-08 4:00 P.M.

Have established "Fashion Models Who Smoke" and "Barbie Doll Photoblog" in the last several days. Got more rest last night than
the several days before. Came home and slept until 10:30, then awakened and blogged until around 2:00 a,m. Have been reading
Aldous Huxley's "Island", a Utopian novel published in 1962. The protagonist, Will Farnavy, is a castaway on an island in the South
Pacific called Pala. Farnaby came there from London where he worked for a large company. The island is a paradise on which people discuss how much better off they have it than those in other areas of the world. The paradise is being threatened however by industrial interests searching for oil, etc. NY Times review says that the novel is wordy and the writer suggested a second reading of Huxley's "Chrome Yellow" instead. WSJ articles about Medicare fraud, expansion of Walgreens, etc., read at lunch. Chatted with Abby last night in St. Louis. Is 49, she works in the fast food industry. Is a Cardinals fan. Posted pics of Ana Beatriz
Barros on my Fashion Model Blog yesterday, returned and posted some links for readers. Have listed some more items for sale
on Ebay after a good weekend in which books on the Du Ponts, Dow Chemicals, and others have sold.

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