Thursday, March 6, 2008

dukedaze 3-6-08 morning

I have been encouraged by Roxsie's progress recently. I went to Petsmart and bought her a multivitamin with iron, B-12, A, etc.
Her energy level is much better and she has a good appetite. I have opened an account with Charles Schwab, mostly to check on
stocks, esp. Intel, Coca Cola, and businesses which deal with nations that do not do business with the dollar. I have looked at
Google, Microsoft, Yahoo also, Exxon, food chains, pharmaceuticals. Went to B&N last night, added some text and photos about
Cintia Dickers, Brazilian model, also wrote about Ana Colja, Diana Dondoe, Maud Molko, Have followed the democratic primaries
on Tues. evening with Hillary winning Ohio, Texas, and Rhode Island. Found Amparo Bonmati's MySpace site, sent her a friend request. Going to check out "Ockham and political discourse in the Middle Ages'' and "A Thomas Wolfe Reader" at Perkins Library.
During the morning I checked out a 2007 book about William of Ockham and his arguments with the 14th Century Papacy. Am
reading of Ockham's belief in people being ascetic, with few possessions, his excommunication by the pope in Avignon. He
continued writing until his death under the protection of Ludwig of Bavaria.

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